Netizens Defend Idol Who Was Rejected By A Fan

They say what the fan did to him was too cold.

Dating is always a tricky topic to navigate in the world of K-Pop, and many idols over the years have faced various consequences for their dating lives.

HyunA and Dawn were kicked out of Cube Entertainment following news of their relationship | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

The only thing that could make it even trickier is if the relationship is between an idol and a fan. Most idols wouldn’t want such a relationship to be exposed if it was successful, but if they were rejected, one can imagine that they’d prefer even more to have it remain secret.

Unfortunately for Minseo of DRIPPIN, that may be exactly what happened.

Minseo | @DRIPPIN/Twitter

A recent video by YouTuber Sojang explains that a fan of an idol alleged to be Minseo had been regularly communicating with him through Kakao Talk and exposed their private messages on social media. In the posted messages, Minseo seems to be very considerate of the fan, but the fan responds coldly and says he has misinterpreted their relationship.

| @DRIPPIN/Twitter

On seeing the messages, many netizens commented on how they couldn’t believe an idol would ever attempt to enter such a relationship with a fan and stated they believed the lives of fans and idols should be kept separate.

More than that, though, were netizens saying they felt bad for him, as it seemed that the fan had toyed with him and tossed him aside.

In particular, many of the netizens criticized the fan’s actions, saying that even if she wasn’t interested, it was simply cruel to expose their private correspondence like this.

Though a relationship between an idol and a fan is quite taboo, it’s clear that Minseo still has many supporters on his side who sympathize with his situation.

| @DRIPPIN/Twitter
Source: NetizenBuzz and Sojang
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