Netizens Defend LOONA’s Yves Against Misogynist Backlash

She is just one of many female celebrities accused of hating men.

The topic of feminism in Korea has become quite heated in recent years, with even small gestures being used as evidence by online misogynists that a celebrity is a “man-hater.”

JaeJae, who has also been the target of misogynist hate | @happy_jae_jae/Instagram

Many female celebrities have been the target of such accusations, and the latest to fall prey is Yves of LOONA.

Yves | @loonatheworld/Twitter

The crime Yves is accused of is using an alternate spelling of the Korean word himjwo, which means “to find strength,” as an attempt to lure in other radical feminists. The alternate spelling, himjo, was used on the fan platform Fab.

Yves with HaSeul | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Of course, many netizens were quick to defend Yves over this innocuous stylized spelling of the word, saying that the majority of people would probably never even realize there were any links to the Korean feminist movement if there hadn’t been such a fuss made.

| NetizenBuzz

Many fans expressed how ridiculous they felt the accusations were, and even asserted that the men getting mad were probably not even fans of LOONA, instead more than likely just men finding things to get angry about.

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Clearly, even the most innocent comments have become enough to kick up a stir in certain online communities, but at least Yves’ fans have her back at times like this.

| @loonatheworld/Twitter
Source: Sojang and NetizenBuzz