Netizens Sympathize With Longtime DIA Somyi Fan Who Ranted About The Idol’s 19+ Adult Streamer Debut 

“I’m going crazy thinking about the time and the money I wasted.”

Former DIA member Somyi‘s recent debut in the adult broadcasting jockey (BJ) industry is proving to be a shock to her fans—and one particular fan has responded harshly to the former girl group member’s career change.

Former DIA member, Somyi | PocketDol Studio

Recently, a longtime Somyi fan’s tweets were uploaded onto an online community, which  has started to garner sympathy from fellow online community users. The fan, @cathyextol, shared her thoughts about the former DIA member’s adult BJ debut and did not hold back on how she really felt about the situation.

Somyi fan’s frustrated tweet | @cathyextol/Twitter

I had a f*cking realization and want to give up everything. I always worried for her anytime there were comments mentioning how ugly she was on V Live because I thought she would get hurt.

But now, she smiles and takes money from guys who defend this average-physique, A-cup sized girl..the way she only wears revealing clothes, saying, ‘What are you saying? How do I do it? (in an accent)’ and laughs along with jokes about smoking.

— @cathyextol/Twitter

The fan’s tweets didn’t end there, as @cathyextol continued with her rant about her former favorite DIA member. She shared her regrets about how her “time and money [were] wasted” on Somyi’s photo cards, showcases, and fan meetings.

Somyi fan’s frustrated tweet part 2 | @cathyextol/Twitter

For just ₩30,000 KRW (about $25.30 USD), she’ll do the ‘Zero Two’ dance, so why did I go to her showcase and fan sign events?ㅠㅜ f*ck…I’m going crazy thinking about the time and the money I wasted.

The fact that I bought a female BJ’s photo card for ₩20,000 KRW (about $16.90 USD)..I can’t believe I, an innocent high schooler, carried around a photo card of a PandaTV (streaming broadcast) BJ in my wallet..

— @cathyextol/Twitter

The female fan concluded her frustrations with a direct message to Somyi, pleading her to do anything else but her PandaTV streaming career—whether it be getting a “certification in computer science” or for the former idol to “go back to college.”

Somyi fan’s frustrated tweet part 3 | @cathyextol/Twitter

As someone who didn’t leave any comments on their official fan club for 5 years, is this too much to ask for?

Unnie, go get a certification in computer science or at least prepare for it or something. I ask because I am really really embarrassed. Whether it’s level 4 or level 5, please go back to college. I am really regretting the fact that I followed around a female BJ for 7 years. It makes me not want to live.

— @cathyextol/Twitter

And while the fan’s tweets were filled with some harsh words for the former DIA member, @cathyextol received an overwhelming amount of sympathy from fellow netizens who unanimously agreed with her statements.

| theqoo
  • “Sigh, she shouldn’t have embarrassed someone who liked her..I feel so bad for the fanㅜㅜ.”
  • “The fan did nothing wrong..I would feel the same way if I was her.”
  • “Honestly, I would feel the same way…it was probably worse if she liked her a lot…I feel so bad…”
  • “I feel like the least she [Somyi] could’ve done is not cause embarrassment to those who liked her.”
  • “ㅜㅜ The fan’s heart is broken ㅜㅜ.”
  • “That’s the kind of job that embarrasses the people that once supported you.”

Previously, Somyi shocked the nation when it was announced that her contract with PocketDol Studio had been terminated following her PandaTV debut back in November 2021. While her termination came a few months after her adult streaming debut, many alluded that the timing was too coincidental.

Somyi as a broadcasting jockey | PandaTV

PandaTV is one of the dozens of live streaming services available in South Korea, but this particular one has become well-known for its adult 19+ content. Due to its mature broadcasts, the streaming service is oftentimes labelled as “sex work,” which is highly stigmatized in the nation. Many of the female broadcast jockeys dress in racy clothing and will do a variety of things on camera, while their viewers (mostly male) send them money as a form of gratitude.

Somyi | PandaTV

Somyi’s previous exposure as a female K-Pop idol and her young age (21-years-old, international) added onto the overall shock factor of her sudden career path change, with the nation unanimously pitying her decision.

Source: WikiTree and theqoo