Netizens DISAPPOINTED In Hyunseung After More Photos Emerge Of His Alleged “Attitude Problem”

BEAST’s Hyunseung continues to receive backlash for his alleged “attitude problem” after netizens compiled more evidence proving the matter. 

In light of the recent controversy involving Hyunseung allegedly falling asleep while BEAST was being interviewed, the online community exploded with anger and demanded an explanation for his insincere attitude. Fans online also expressed that they cannot tolerate such incidences anymore and started compiling previous occurrences that prove it.

On February 20th, a post in an online community board captured fans’ attention for its detailed narrative on Hyunseung’s insincere attitude in the past. In some of the photos, Hyunseung was seen apathetic and remained on his phone while the rest of the members continue with their rehearsals. In another incident, he was revealed to be dancing less enthusiastically, while in another photo displayed his lack of interest in joining the members.

Aside from bringing his interview controversy to light, others also cannot help but comment on his previous absence from BEAST’s fanmeeting, while he carried out personal matters on the same time. The rampant criticisms led fans to suspect that the singer does not get along with the rest of BEAST, sparking more speculations for his possible withdrawal.
Image: SportsWorld

Source: SportsWorld