Netizens May Have Discovered The Name Of BIGHIT MUSIC’s New Boy Group

Opinions are divided regarding the potential name.

BIGHIT MUSIC (formerly BIGHIT Entertainment) has been preparing its newest male idol group for their debut.

| @trainee_a/Twitter

The company has been slowly releasing information about their upcoming boy group using the temporary name, Trainee A. A YouTube channel with the same name was discovered last year and it has been releasing videos of the group ever since. Trainee A is a diverse group with seven members who are slated to debut this year.

| @trainee_a/Twitter

Netizens recently uncovered trademarks BIGHIT MUSIC filed for the name ALONERS ASSOCIATION that they now believe to be the official name of the new group.

Trademarks for “ALONERS ASSOCIATION” | @idolissue/Instagram

Fans have already started reacting to the name and have hilariously begun considering fandom names.

Fans are guessing the group will go by the abbreviation “ALAS,” like BIGHIT MUSIC senior groups have shortened their names to BTS and TXT.

Opinions may be divided about the name, but Trainee A fans are all hoping this possible update means the group is one step closer to debuting.

While we wait for more information on their group name and upcoming debut, you can follow along on their journey below!