Netizens Enraged Over “Creepy” Bathroom Scene In A BABYMONSTER Vlog

“it’s gross…”

YG Entertainment’s freshest group BABYMONSTER has already garnered a sizeable following before debuting, thanks to its YouTube videos. The label first introduced seven prospective trainees through BABYMONSTER’s channel, only to later announce that not all of them would make it to the final lineup. While the selection of the final members for the group is still in the process through a series of evaluations that are shared periodically, the channel also posts some behind-the-scenes vlogs showing the girls’ off-camera moments.

While fans love to see the girls’ candid moments, one of the recent behind-the-scenes videos has become the source of much criticism and concern. On March 21, the group’s YouTube channel posted a new vlog titled “‘Last Evaluation’ Behind The Scenes #2,” where the seven trainees showed the viewers what a typical day in their life looks like. At one point in the vlog, Asa and Ruka were seen washing their plushies in the bathtub, and they vlogged their chore right from the bathroom, filming with a handheld camera.

But one of the angles in the shot looked like it was taken from a wall-mounted camera inside the bathroom, which was directly pointed towards the shower and the tub. When the specific clip came out on Twitter, netizens expressed their discomfort and felt that cameras filming young girls in the bathroom, no matter the intent, was a creepy move.

Soon enough, discussions broke out across various social media platforms, with most finding it inappropriate to place a camera inside the bathroom. People agreed that regardless of what precautions might be put in place to avoid any mishap, having bathroom content from anyone in the first place is entirely unnecessary.

Some argued that the shot was probably pre-planned, and the girls were aware that they were supposed only to wash the plushies in the tub, but counter-arguments said that the very concept of being this invasive of idols’ lives is problematic.

Most of the BABYMONSTER prospective members are minors, with half being between ages 13-16. Netizens were already on edge seeing such young girls being considered for debuting. With this new bathroom camera fiasco, people’s concern for the girls has grown even more, and they are calling out YG Entertainment to be more mindful of how they handle such young talents.

Check out the full video below: