Netizens are exhausted of YG Entertainment’s “failed” debut promises

It seems like YG Entertainment cannot get a grip as more fans leave complaints following the announcement of their latest girl group’s debut. 

After seven years since their last girl group, YG Entertainment has been slowly unveiling plans on introducing their latest girl group act soon. Recently, it was revealed that the group, spearheaded by main producer Teddy, will be introducing one member at time starting this week. One member will be making rounds through the agency’s official portals and all members will be introduced by the time of their debut.

YG Entertainment previously stated that the group may be making their debut by July, but did not disclose any information about the member line-up, concept and debut track, leading to all sorts of speculations.

As the news spread, however, some fans cannot help but express their dismay towards the agency’s consistency in not keeping true to their promise. It can be recalled that the agency talked about the group’s debut last year, but nothing came up. In the comments section of this article, some fans also talked about previous failed promises such as BIGBANG and WINNER’s full albums, while others asked the agency to focus on groups such as iKON and other talents instead.

The agency previously stated that the group will be different from 2NE1 and will have “girl crush” concept.

Source: XSportsNews