Comedian Jo Se Ho’s Latest Instagram Post Hints He May Be In A Relationship — Netizens And Celebrities Respond

“This is really big news Se Ho..”

Comedian Jo Se Ho‘s latest Instagram post has netizens and celebrities asking if the comedian is in a relationship.

Jo Se Ho | @chosaeho/Instagram
Jo Se Ho | @chosaeho/Instagram

Jo Se Ho uploaded a post on June 1, captioned “Good Morning.”

The actual post, however, was of a love poem!

If you are the sun in the sky
I hope night never comes..
If you are the moon in the night sky
I hope day never comes..

—Jo Se Ho

Netizens were taken aback at Jo Se Ho’s love poem, and they weren’t alone, as celebrities were also asking if the comedian was in love.

Jo Se Ho | @chosaeho/Instagram

Comedian Lee Guk Joo asked Jo Se Ho if he was in a relationship.

Are you dating?

— Lee Guk Joo

Actor Lee Sang Yeob hilariously reacted that this indeed is big news!

Ah, this is really big news Se Ho hyung..

— Lee Sang Yeob

To which Jo Se Ho hinted that Love made him do it.

LOL I don’t even know anymore…

— Jo Se Ho

Actress Shim So Young reacted to the news with a clapping otter emoji.

Actor Lee Dong Hwi, who is in a public relationship with actress Jung Ho Yeon offered a practical solution.

Hyung, you need to sleep at night

— Lee Dong Hwi

Jo Se Ho, however, stated that something or someone keeps him up at night.

You’re right Dong Hwi, but it isn’t easy… LOL

— Jo Se Ho

It seems Jo Se Ho may have found love. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Wikitree
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