Netizens Find IZ*ONE Yuri’s Post Asking For Math Help From 2011 And It’s Just The Cutest Thing

She had an upcoming exam…

Never doubt the detective abilities of Korean netizens. A group of IZ*ONE fans have managed to dig up an old Naver post created by member Jo Yuri in 2011.

In the post, Yuri is searching for help to solve a math problem because she has an upcoming exam on the topic.

Hello, I’m Jo Yuri from Class 3 Grade 4 Yonghoso Elementary School. The grade 4 math is about estimation, approximation and rounding, can someone please explain to me the key point? I have an exam on 8th December.

– Jo Yuri

The fact that a ten-year-old Jo Yuri typed this post out and politely introduced herself is just the cutest thing.