Netizens Are Heartbroken By ILLIT Wonhee’s Reaction To Seeing Hate Comments During A Live Broadcast

“It breaks my heart…”

Netizens have voiced anger after seeing ILLIT‘s Wonhee having to report hate comments during a live broadcast.

ILLIT’s Wonhee | @illit_official/Instagram

Since debuting, ILLIT has gained so many fans, but sadly, due to different issues, the young members have also been subjected to a lot of hate comments from netizens. While many assume the words won’t reach the members, Wonhee’s recent actions have proved otherwise, angering netizens.

On May 14, ILLIT surprised fans with a group live broadcast.

During the broadcast, the members chatted with fans and had some adorable interactions with each other.

Yet, one clip has got fans angry. While the members were looking through all the positive comments and reading them out, netizens noticed that Wonhee had seemingly reported a comment, meaning that she was reading some of the hateful comments that people watching the broadcast had made towards the group.

When the clip was shared, netizens hated to see the young idol having to report comments amid all the hate they had been receiving.

Some added that it shouldn’t be a 16-year-old idol’s job to report the comments to help protect the group but that staff should monitor them. Considering the drama with HYBE the last few months and the “hate train” towards ILLIT, it wasn’t surprising that some thought the comments had become worse after ADOR Min Hee Jin‘s accusations of the group plagiarizing NewJeans.

While idols are celebrities, they are still humans, and ILLIT are young girls who netizens believe are being unfairly hated. Wonhee seemingly sees the comments and reports them, which shows that the idols see the hate, and it impacts them.

Source: ILLIT/Weverse


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