Netizens Are Heartbroken Seeing Ahn Young Mi Learn About Park Ji Sun’s Passing On Live Broadcast

No words can express the pain and sorrow of losing a friend.

Netizens are simply heartbroken after seeing Ahn Young Mi‘s live reaction, learning about Park Ji Sun’s passing.

Ahn Young Mi is one of the hosts on MBC FM4U‘s radio show 2PM Date With Muzie and Ahn Young Mi. On today’s broadcast, it was a viewable episode, meaning that viewers would also be able to see how the DJ’s interact with their guests.

During a break in the show, Ahn Young Mi was on her phone, taking a quick break from her DJ responsibilities, when she came across a piece of news that concerned her

She continues to scroll on her phone, and calls Muzie over to take a look at another thing on her phone, and after a momentary glance, Muzie begins to search for something on his own phone.

After a brief moment, she fully realizes the magnitude of the situation, and immediately breaks down in tears.

The camera ultimately pans over to the guest for the day, actor Song Jin Woo, but a brief glimpse of Ahn Young Mi’s shirt could be seen passing by the camera, leaving the set. Understandably, she did not return to finish out the rest of the show.

Netizens who have seen this clip are expressing their condolences to Park Ji Sun, but also unable to put into words the amount of pain Ahn Young Mi must be feeling right now.

  • It made my heart ache even more seeing Ahn Young Mi sobbing like that… Really… The only thing that’s coming out are tears.
  • A person who has absolutely no connections to her also sobbed uncontrollably… Just how bad must it be for her colleagues?
  • This kind of thing keeps happening… What is going on… I express my condolences.
  • It’s just so sad…
  • For the viewers who only have seen Park Ji Sun through the TV, how shocked were you seeing this article? Just how shocked do you think Ahn Young Mi would be? The two are close…
  • 2020 is the worst year… Seriously why are there so many sad and anger-causing things?

Watch the heartbreaking clip below: