Netizens Can’t Believe These Idol Photos At Fashion Events Are Fan Taken

“It looks like they got on their knees in front of [him] to take it.”

Idols attending fashion events always bring out some incredible pictures into the world — thanks to their jaw-dropping visuals and powerful presence. But it’s the fansites’ skills to take well-timed and angled pictures that create these little pieces of art too.

NCT Jeno‘s attendance at Ferragamo‘s Milan Fashion Week show a few days ago was followed by some iconic pictures that stunned fans from all over the world.

| @antiviral0423/Twitter

His visuals paired with his fansites’ skills created some of the most dazzling photos we’ve ever seen!

| @antiviral0423/Twitter

One of them was so great, it got fans on online platforms reminiscing about other incredible fansite pictures that look like they were professionally taken. Eventually, someone was able to create a “Top 4” — and the tweet blew up.

| @antiviral0423/Twitter

Aside from Jeno’s stunning photo at Milan Fashion Week, the poster listed three other pictures of EXO‘s Sehun, Red Velvet‘s Irene, and WayV‘s Winwin and Lucas. All four of the pictures are taken at fashion events, with the idols wearing gorgeous outfits that brought out their breathtaking visuals.

Sehun’s picture was taken at a Luis Vuitton event, specifically the opening of their Maison Seoul Store in Gangnam. All pictures taken that day were so incredible the EXO star even trended Worldwide! But it was his picture with the editors of W Korea and Vogue Korea that caught people’s attention.

| @shinkwangho/Instagram

The picture was taken by Irediscent Boy, Sehun’s widely known fansite, who was even tagged by the editors on Instagram!

The second picture was taken during Red Velvet’s Irene attendance at Miu Miu‘s show during the 2019 Paris Fashion Week. Irene, well known for her visuals, stunned fans and non-fans alike whilst wearing the latest Miu Miu pieces.

| @violetvoice0329/Twitter

It was the picture taken inside the show that was deemed the most iconic, with Irene sitting down first row, because it captured the idol’s incredible visuals and presence perfectly. The photo was posted by Irene’s fansite Citrus Fragrance on Twitter, leaving fans wondering if they were invited inside the show, or simply bought their pictures from other photographers.

| @fragrance0329/Twitter

Last but not least, the picture of WayV’s Winwin and Lucas at GQ‘s Connect Muse event also captured the eyes and hearts of netizens. Taken by the duo’s fansite @coucou37_luwin on Twitter, the photo perfectly showed off Lucas and Winwin’s powerful visuals and chemistry.

| @coucou37_luwin/Twitter

The tweet was so talked about by fans, it even reached other platforms, with a post on Theqoo surpassing 114,000 views and 500 comments. Most netizens were trying to figure out whether the fansites got invited to these shows or bought the photos and edited them, while the majority simply reiterated how unbelievably gorgeous the idols and these photos are.

  • “I’m not sure what is legendary about this besides Irene.”
  • “Wow, Irene…(There are people saying they don’t understand why it’s legendary. I think it’s because the idol looked at the homepage master, no? If not, sorry. I’m not sure either.)”
  • “There isn’t an issue with @iridescent_boy (fan) going since he uploaded proof that he was invited and the other pictures are available for purchase, so I’m not sure what is legendary.”
  • “I don’t know, but Jeno is handsome, LOL.”
  • “Lia’s picture is legendary, but it isn’t here. Are these only pictures of SM artists?”
  • “The pictures look as if someone who was invited got permission to take them. How did they take these pictures?”
  • “Is it because of the way Jeno’s picture was taken? It looks like they got on their knees in front of Jeno to take it. How did they take the picture?”
  •  “How did a homepage master take these pictures? I’m so curious.”

| Theqoo

Source: Theqoo