Netizens Go Wild Over ITZY Yuna’s Stunning Doll-Like Visuals In New Fan Taken Photos

We are not worthy.

Recently, ITZY‘s youngest member Yuna was photographed on her way to a Burberry event and she served some show stopping visuals. While her looks have always, always been praised, her goddess-like beauty on this particular day have started to go viral—and it’s all because of these fan taken photos.

ITZY’s Yuna | Nate Pann

The ITZY maknae was photographed with minimal makeup and a simple hairdo, but that only seemed to accentuate her true beauty. I mean, just look at her! Her big doe eyes, perfect nose, and her flawless complexion looks amazing—even in these fan taken pictures. That’s a whole different level of beauty!

| Nate Pann

Like seriously, how is she even real? We are not worthy to be in the same existence alongside Yuna.

| Nate Pann

And it seems like everyone agreed on Yuna’s gorgeous looks, as netizens shared their absolute awe of the ITZY member’s shocking visuals.

| Nate Pann
  • “I honestly think that Yuna looks better with natural makeup than when she has her idol makeupㅠㅠ she’s so pretty.”
  • “Wow, her eyes are so big.”
  • “F*ck she looks like a doll.”
  • “Holt sh*t. Can she share some of her big eye size with me.”
  • “Wow, she looks so luxurious. Like she’s the first daughter of a wealthy household.”
  • “She’s so innocent…I thought she was always gorgeous, but she can also look innocent. So freaking amazing.”

In related news, it was recently confirmed that ITZY would be attending the 2021 Asia Artist Awards as well as the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards, exciting all of their fans.

Source: Nate Pann