Netizens Call Out JYP Entertainment For Allegedly Not Allowing GOT7’s BamBam To Do His Dance Challenge With TWICE And Stray Kids

Fans question whether there is a good enough reason to not allow it.

 The original tweet with translations of BamBam’s comments on doing the challenge has since been deleted. A different translation has been added for clarification.

JYP Entertainment has come under fire after fans criticized the company for allegedly not allowing GOT7‘s BamBam to do the dance challenge for his new comeback, “Slow Mo,” with his friends in Stray Kids and TWICE.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and BamBam | @ahgaseaste/Twitter

It is well known that BamBam is close with members of both groups (particularly Stray Kids’ Bang Chan). So when a fan asked why he hadn’t yet done the dance challenge with his friends yet, they were disappointed to find out that JYP Entertainment had allegedly not allowed it to happen due to the fact that GOT7 is no longer in the company.

This has once again brought up concerns over how the company manages their artists and it has definitely sparked a lot of confusion as to why the company doesn’t want to allow these interactions to happen in the first place.

Fans have called attention to Stray Kids and GOT7 in particular, pointing out that Jeon Somi was able to do a dance challenge with TWICE before, while Stray Kids have not been allowed to participate in any such interaction with their idol friends.

Additionally, there is a sense that GOT7’s departure as a group from JYP Entertainment left some lingering tension between the group and the company, which, according to fans, accounts for the difficulties the GOT7 members have had in situations such as this.

Due to this incident, past instances of mistreatment and mismanagement of GOT7 by JYP Entertainment have been resurfacing, with fans pointing out the tumultuous history between GOT7 and the company.

As a result, JYP Entertainment has once again come under fire, with fans heavily criticizing the company for its treatment of its artists and GOT7. Fans have even made hilarious memes to express their anger…

…ultimately agreeing that there does not seem to be a good reason for why BamBam shouldn’t be allowed to do a simple TikTok dance challenge with his friends in JYP Entertainment. Hopefully, there will be a solution to the situation that allows the GOT7 members to interact with JYP artists more freely and the Stray Kids members to interact more freely with other idols in general.


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