Netizens Are Outraged After Learning Paris Baguette Reportedly Sent Bread To The Deceased Factory Worker’s Funeral

“I’m at a loss for words. Did they not think they were hurting the family with this gesture?”

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Netizens are incensed after it was reported that Paris Baguette‘s parent company SPC sent a box of bread to the funeral wake of an employee that was killed at the company’s factory.

Paris Baguette | Paris Baguette

According to news outlet Hankyoreh, SPC sent a box of bread sold at Paris Baguette to the funeral wake of a 23-year-old employee who died while working at the bakery’s factory on October 15.

A relative of the deceased spoke with Hankyoreh, expressing anger over the company’s gesture.

When I first saw the box of bread at the funeral home on October 16, I asked an employee of the funeral home who had sent it. The employee stated, ‘The company had brought it for guests.’ Our child just died while making this bread. Does it make sense for them to send this here?

— Relative of the deceased

The gesture has caused further fuel for the public’s outrage toward the restaurant conglomerate, home to popular domestic franchises such as Paris Baguette and internationally known franchises such as Shake Shack Korea and Baskin Robbins Korea.

SPC Square in Gangnam |

This comes amid a backlash against the company for the death of a 23-year-old employee who was killed while working at the bakery’s factory. According to reports, the employee was killed when she was caught in a machine.

The body wasn’t found until the next day when the co-workers of the deceased pulled the body out of the machine. Koreans were outraged to learn that the employees were then instructed to get back to work.

Huh Young In apologizes to public on October 21 | Kookmin Ilbo

Netizens lambasted the company for its gesture, writing it was incredibly inappropriate.

  • “She was killed at a bread factory. Even the thought of bread would cause the family sadness. Why would they send the family bread? Are they crazy psychopaths?”
  • “Since they were for funeral guests, I thought they sent them a hundred roll cakes, but they literally sent them two boxes of wrapped bread. They must be crazy.”
  • “I’m at a loss for words. I can’t believe they disrespect the deceased as if it’s nothing. Did they not think they were hurting the family with this gesture?”
  • “They are psychopaths. It’s a funeral, you fools, not a wedding or a birthday. Do you think they will be happy to greet their guests while munching on bread?”
  • “I don’t eat at SPC brands often, but I’m definitely boycotting them. May the deceased rest in peace.”
  • “Red bean bread? Red beans are said to ward off ghosts, so they aren’t used at wakes. This company has really hit rock bottom.”

When contacted about the bread, a company representative stated that it was company policy to send bread to a deceased employee.

It is part of a care package we send when an SPC employee or their family passes away. We will reflect deeply and work hard to prevent this from happening again.

— SPC Representative

Source: Hankyoreh and Nate Pann
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