Netizens Demand For Law Reform After CCTV Footage Of Korean Middle Schoolers Terrorizing A Restaurant Owner Goes Viral

They were caught smoking and urinating inside the restaurant.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

A recent altercation between a restaurant owner and a group of middle school boys has gone viral in South Korea. According to the CCTV footage provided by MBC News, a group of middle school boys were caught on camera urinating and smoking in a restaurant hallway.

It was reported that the confrontation began after the restaurant owner asked the boys to smoke and urinate elsewhere. According to the numerous reports, the middle schoolers did not like that they were told what to do, which led to the violent altercation the following day.

In the reports and the CCTV footage provided, the boys went into the restaurant, where they started to make a scene. They began to throw plants and pots all throughout the establishment—all while customers were still eating there.

The altercation was moved outside, where the group of 14-16 year olds can be seen continuing to make a scene.

In this next disturbing clip, a few of the middle schoolers can then be seen shoving the restaurant owner’s wife out of the way, as she tried to block them from getting back into the restaurant.

It was further reported that neither the boys nor their parents apologized for the situation. According to MBC News, the police are reportedly having a difficult time charging the middle schoolers because they are minors. Naturally, this enraged the restaurant owner, who believes that the Korean law is too lenient when it comes to the teenage population.

And this can been seen in the next clip. Even after numerous police officers show up to the scene, it was reported that the middle schoolers continued to curse at the restaurant owner.

It didn’t take long before this footage quickly spread all over the internet, as netizens began to express their fury with the middle schoolers, their parents, and the Korean law.

| theqoo
  • “If they are unable to receive criminal punishment, they need to do something so that the motherf*ckers’ parents pay a compensation or something…like what is this. No wonder the perpetrators are that shameless.”
  • “They need to revise the law regarding adolescents.”
  • “We need to get rid of the laws protecting the youth!!! Please revise the law. They’re not human.”
  • “F*ck…what will these kids become. Their parents are somehow even worse. Please punish them strongly because the victims don’t deserve to go through this.”
  • “The lawㅋㅋ it pisses me off to no end.”
  • “Please get rid of these laws.”
  • “For f*cks sake. If you raise your kids like this, I guess this is what they become. If they aren’t able to punish the kids, then at least punish the parents.”
CCTV footage provided by MBC News.

No updates have been given regarding the status of the middle schoolers’ punishments.

Source: theqoo