Netizens Are Losing It Over How Ridiculously Hot SHINee Minho’s Brother Is

Good looks run in the family!

SHINee‘s Minho is ridiculously handsome, and it turns out his older brother is, too!

SHINee’s Minho | @choiminho_1209/Instagram

Minho’s older brother, Choi Min Seok, recently appeared on TV Chosun‘s Golf King. Minho is a member of the show’s cast.

Choi Min Seok | TV Chosun

To say netizens fell for Min Seok’s visuals would be an understatement! Someone posted on the Korean community board theqoo to talk about his good looks and how he and Minho inspired each other.

He was in yesterday’s episode of Golf King!!FYI, he got himself into Seoul National University after seeing Minho debut with SHINee. And this motivated Minho to get into Keonkuk University—while promoting ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and shooting Dream Team the day before his CSATs. They’re QUITE the brotherhood!!!

Seoul National University is the top university in South Korea, so Min Seok’s admission to the university means he’s just as smart as he is handsome! Minho is also smart and handsome, and it’s absolutely mindblowing that he managed to ace the CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test) while promoting with SHINee and shooting a variety show! Netizens praised both Choi brothers in the comments on the discussion board post.

  • “7. Hello, my brother-in-law. Hope you’ve been well.”
  • “8. I always thought they didn’t look alike but in that screenshot, they’re like the same person.”
  • “9. Good looks, good bods, and good brains run in their family? Wow, JEALOUS.”
  • “10. I had no idea Minho got into Keonkuk University’s Department of Drama and Cinema as regular admissions. He must have been a good student to begin with. When did he even find the time to study while training or after debuting?”
  • “11. He’s good-looking, how f*cking awesome.”
  • “12. They look alike.”
  • “13. Hey, he was my TA when I was in middle school LOL.”

Looks like good looks and brains run in the Choi family!

Source: theqoo