Netizens Make Cruel Comments About TWICE, Joke About The Members Being Sexually Assaulted

Content warning: Comments reference r*pe, s*icide, and stalking.

ONCEs are reporting that netizens are making cruel comments about TWICE.

Netizen comments include making light of Nayeon’s stalker situation and calling for the girls to be sexually assaulted.

Some of the comments below, as collected by TWICE fan account @report_twice, show netizens calling for group member Chaeyoung to be raped.

Source: @report_twice/Twitter

Another fan discovered a comment in which a netizen expressed hope that one of the women of TWICE would commit suicide.

Source: @minheelle/Twitter

While it’s unclear if these netizens are using fake accounts to stir up fan wars, one thing is abundantly clear: With all of the tragedy going on in the world, particularly with the heartbreaking and untimely events that occurred just this year in the world of K-Pop this year, everyone should be banding together to uplift one another!