TWICE Under Police Protection Due To Nayeon’s Foreign Stalker, Stalker Threatens Legal Action Against JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment is taking the situation seriously.

TWICE‘s Nayeon has been enduring stalking and harassment from a foreign fan since October. Fans have been rightfully concerned about their idol’s safety as the stalker already made two trips to Korea in search of Nayeon, allegedly going so far as to try visiting the home of JYP Entertainment CEO J.Y. Park in hopes of contacting her.

Josh, the stalker from Germany, has claimed he is not a fan of the group, but actually loves Nayeon for who she is and won’t accept being turned down by anyone except Nayeon herself. This is especially alarming to ONCE, who previously discovered messages allegedly posted by Josh on Reddit which stated killing someone who broke their heart is morally correct.


JYP Entertainment released a statement letting fans know they were aware of the situation at hand and were doing what they could to protect their artists.

Channel A News Report said that the women of TWICE now have police protection and provided the members with smartwatches so that they can call for help immediately in a crisis situation.

In the meantime, the stalker has claimed he allegedly met Jeongyeon and Tzuyu during his search for Nayeon.

Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

Furthermore, despite already having provided JYP Entertainment staff with all of his Korean information, he recently stated that he would be giving them all of his contact information, including his German address!

Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

It seems, however, that something went wrong during his latest visit to JYP Entertainment as several hours after declaring he would give the agency all of his contact information in an effort to be fully transparent, he shared that he visited the police station in an effort to pursue legal action against them!

Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

Although TWICE is currently receiving police protection, if you come into contact with the stalker and have any information you can provide that may help protect the girls, you should contact JYP Entertainment at immediately.


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