TWICE’s Nayeon Has A Foreign Stalker And Fans Are Worried For Her

They’re worried for her safety.

TWICE‘s Nayeon has a foreign stalker who claims that she is his girlfriend. An admin of a community discord shared on social media that Yosh, the stalker, seemed to have Nayeon in his sights.

He began by asking the community members if he should get plastic surgery for his girlfriend. He further made plans for housing in Korea, implying that he was ready to move or travel for her.

He did not tell anyone at first that he considered Nayeon his girlfriend.

Yosh eventually admitted that his girlfriend was none other than TWICE’s Nayeon.

He left comments in numerous social media to try to get her attention, telling her that he already booked everything for his trip to see her.

Yosh tried asking for more information about TWICE’s dorm location, fully intending to pay a visit.

He seemed to be under the impression that Nayeon knew of his existence and that she would be happy to see him.

SHE KNOWS…She would be 100% happy to see me.

– Yosh

He planned on re-visiting Korea in December and look for Nayeon in the JYP Entertainment building and small events.

ONCEs were worried for Nayeon following the news. They worked to report him to the authorities and JYP Entertainment for the safety of their artist.

Fans can report suspicious content by emailing JYP Entertainment through


Source: TheQoo