TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Revealed Plan To Go Back To JYP Entertainment, Claims Not To Be A Fan

Claims only Nayeon can change his mind.

TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker recently returned back to Korea after sharing his plans on Twitter to “talk to Nayeon asap“. Fan concern understandably escalated, and fears reached the point that Nayeon’s agency JYP Entertainment had to address the issue in a statement letting ONCEs know that they were aware of the situation at hand.


After JYP Entertainment released their statement, the stalker claimed the release was not about him and that he had spoken to staff members about Nayeon earlier that day.

In new screenshots posted to Twitter by fiercely protective ONCEs, the sasaeng said that they would be returning to JYP Entertainment today. It’s also revealed that he doesn’t believe himself to be a fan.

“Do you realize that I am not a FAN at the slightest bit, at all, I love her as the human she is not because she is an idol I don’t care about her job”

—Josh, the sasaeng

Additionally, he insists that Nayeon has to get to know him in order to reject him as the stories about him being a stalker are “fake news” and that he wants to share his side of the story with her “asap“.

You misunderstood the entire situation, I’m not a stalker and also not a fan, I just developed feelings for Nayeon a long time ago and need to talk with her about it, she means the world to me and I would never bother her

—Josh, the stalker

Fans should continue reporting any incidents, communications, or proof of contact with the stalker to JYP Entertainment at their address.