TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Is Back In Korea And Fans Are Terrified For Her


When news of TWICE‘s Nayeon having a stalker first broke in October, ONCEs were terrified for her safety and concerned for her wellbeing. The foreign sasaeng kept finding new ways to attempt to get close to her, including messaging her friends on social networking sites in an effort to connect with her.

Unfortunately, her stalker is back in Korea and fans are rallying together to bring it to JYP Entertainment‘s attention by emailing with links to provide proof of the stalker’s intentions, as well as tagging the official JYP Nation Twitter account in threads and using the hashtag #ProtectNayeon.

Earlier, the stalker revealed his detailed plans to meet Nayeon, including showing up at J.Y. Park‘s home!

He appears to genuinely believe that he and Nayeon will not only end up together but get married and relocate to Australia! His delusions are certainly concerning and it’s no small wonder K-Pop fans have been coming together to protect Nayeon.

Fans are encouraging each other to report any sightings or communications of the sasaeng directly to JYP Entertainment through their email

We sincerely hope that Nayeon is safe and the stalker does not gain access to her.