TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Continues to Find Ways to Get In Touch With Her

The stalker left a message on Naeyon’s friend’s IG account.

TWICE’s Nayeon has a foreign sasaeng who has persistently been trying to get closer to her.

This foreign sasaeng is the same one who was reported about previously that claimed Nayeon was his girlfriend and that she didn’t want to talk because “she is a bit famous online.”

This time the sasaeng left a message on the Instagram account of one of Nayeon’s friends, asking for her help to get Nayeon to see his videos.

The YouTube video mentioned in the sasaeng‘s Instagram comment to Nayeon’s friend revealed he is from Germany and created the video when he was in Seoul recently.

A conversation with a fan divulged the sasaeng‘s other efforts and plans for Nayeon in case he did see her face–to–face.


The sasaeng plans to be back in Seoul this December in hopes of finally seeing Nayeon in the flesh.

ONCEs are concerned about Nayeon’s safety and are monitoring the developments of this sasaeng‘s plans. They have been warning each other not to interact with the sasaeng and instead report any sightings or communications of the sasaeng directly to JYP Entertainment through their email