ONCEs Reportedly Uncover Alarming Proof That TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Is Dangerous

Allegedly believes killing someone who broke their heart is morally correct.

According to media company Pop Dust, ONCEs discovered a comment TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker Josh previously left on a sub-Reddit sharing his belief that he has the right to kill someone who breaks his heart.

… Which means sadly its still legal and acceptable to break other peoples heart and if the person who got his/her heart broken kills the other person who broke their heart, the person who killed that other person now has to go to jail even though he/she acted morally correct.

The fact is, despite his claim that he would never hurt Nayeon because he loves her, he has been harassing her friends, colleagues at JYP Entertainment, ONCEs, and even strangers in his effort to find her. He has also claimed that he would visit J.Y. Park‘s home in an effort to reach Nayeon.

Earlier today, he shared his plans to visit JYP Entertainment once again today and claimed that the only person who could change his mind about their “relationship” was Nayeon herself.

Anyone who comes into contact with the stalker should report any incidents or communications to JYP Entertainment at their fan@jype.com address.

Source: PopDust