Fans Report Fears Over TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker Escalating His Attempts To Reach Her

Fans continue to be concerned for her safety.

Late last month, it was revealed that TWICE‘s Nayeon has a foreign stalker who had been telling people that the singer was his girlfriend. The foreign sasaeng even began commenting on Nayeon’s friend’s social media accounts in an effort to get her attention.

Fans are reportedly concerned over Nayeon’s stalker potentially escalating his behavior by handing out name cards and posting ads looking for her when he’s next in Korea in hopes of finding someone who would be willing to pass his information on to her.

Some fans have contacted the stalker directly in an effort to get him to stop his obsessive behavior, but his replies seem to show that he genuinely believes he has some kind of connection with Nayeon.

Unfortunately, stalkers don’t recognize the feelings and boundaries of others, and as such, most fans have been encouraging one another not to interact, but rather to report any information directly to JYP Entertainment at their email address.