Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About NMIXX’s Red Carpet Fashion At “The Fact Music Awards”

“Am I the only one that kinda likes them?”

The music world is no stranger to bold fashion statements and avant-garde looks, but at this year’s The Fact Music Awards (TMAs), NMIXX‘s choice of attire has undoubtedly turned heads and set the internet buzzing. The group’s appearance on the red carpet showcased a distinctive blend of fashion genres, leading to both praise and skepticism among netizens.

| JYP Entertainment

The ensemble worn by NMIXX members was a fusion of structured suits and relaxed street fashion. Oversized blazers, paired with long skirts, long grey socks, and classic black heels, dominated their look. Further setting a cohesive theme, the members embraced a monochromatic palette of white, black, and grey, giving their outfits a unified yet varied feel.

It wasn’t long after their arrival that fans and attendees started speculating about the inspiration behind the unique ensemble. True to their name, the NMIXX members revealed that they had chosen to ‘mix and match’ the traditional suit look with streetwear, resulting in the intriguing blend of oversized blazers and long skirts.

Many fans applauded the group for taking a daring step away from the conventional, praising them for their innovative take on the red carpet look. Comments on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram highlighted the group’s courage in embracing something different and breaking the stereotypical mold of award ceremony fashion.

However, not all netizens were convinced. Some critics found the attire too adventurous, expressing their preference for a more traditional, aesthetically appealing outfit. Discussions on various social media platforms revealed a split among fans, with some stating that the mix of suit and street might have been a mismatch in this context.

Fashion has always been subjective, and this event is a testament to that. While some see NMIXX’s choice as a refreshing deviation from the norm, others view it as a fashion faux pas. Yet, regardless of the split opinions, there’s no denying that NMIXX has succeeded in making a lasting impression, reiterating the dynamic nature of the K-Pop world.

In the end, it’s evident that NMIXX’s fashion choice at the 2023 TMAs will be remembered and discussed for a long time, marking yet another memorable moment in the colorful tapestry of K-Pop fashion history.