Netizens Have Mixed Opinions About NCT 127 Taeyong’s Viral Moment At “THE LINK+” Concert, But Fans Can’t Stop Praising Him For It

NCTzens are proud of him.

NCT 127‘s Taeyong had the internet in an uproar after going viral at THE LINK+ concert in Seoul, and while NCTzens are praising him, some netizens have mixed feelings.


The group is once again proving their presence with a two-day concert in Jamsil Olympic Stadium, the largest venue in South Korea (with a capacity of up to 70k).

NCT 127 at “THE LINK+” in Jamsil Olympic Stadium | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Day one of the concert alone was more than enough for the members to create several viral moments, some of them more unexpected than others. Among these, the “Hello” unit (consisting of the group’s rappers, Taeyong, Mark, Johnny, and Yuta), has gained plenty of attention—and it’s easy to see why.

Boasting a powerful tone and choreography, the “Hello” stage proved to be a true standout.

Day two was no different. In fact, Johnny left fans in a daze after Taeyong “asked him” to take off his shirt.

| @musetaeyong/Twitter

And the other members didn’t give fans much chance to catch their breath either!

But there was one moment that instantly went viral on both days of the concert, and that was when Taeyong made a certain gesture “toward haters” (as the lyrics seemed to suggest) that left fans absolutely shook.

NCTzens were clearly living for it…

…with many giving Taeyong plenty of praise for what looked to be a very succinct message.

But there were some netizens who were less than impressed by the gesture. Some gave the most unexpected takes…

  • Why would he lick his finger that’s probably sweaty and has covid bacteria on it? I’m barfing
  • I f*cking hate thisㅋㅋ his dead eyes are solid
  • The other members all performed live on their performance, only Taeyong lipsynced

…but the comments did not surprise NCTzens all that much.

Despite the detractors, however, the moment has continued to go viral, especially as day two’s version came out.

| SM Entertainment via @saturdaedrip/Twitter 

In fact, it is gaining even more praise after the members revealed that “Hello” is a song that Taeyong made during his rookie days!

Taeyong is an idol who has never shied away from being honest about his thoughts and feelings, so it makes sense that NCTzens would be proud of him for standing up for himself in such a memorably iconic way. This Taeyong was one for the books!

Source: pannchoa