Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To YouTuber DanceKang And Jinjeolmi’s Impending Debut

They announced the news on their channel.

Sibling YouTuber and dance cover duo, DanceKang, and Jinjeolmi will soon be making their official debut. The two released the news on their shared YouTube channel on October 5, 2022. Although they will not be signing with a company, they received a song from a composer and decided to move forward with it.

Everyone had been waiting for the talented duo to make a debut. They rose to fame with DanceKang’s cover of aespa‘s “Black Mamba”, which gained attention for its unique camerawork. The camera was controlled by his sister, Jinjeolmi, who ended up becoming a beauty and dance YouTuber.

The two have been gaining much love for their charisma, humor, and charm. DanceKang furthered his fame by multiple collaborations with K-Pop artists who filmed various dance challenges with him. Many of them visited his house for the collaboration, such as TREASURE below.

Despite the siblings’ success, not everyone wants to see them make an official debut it seems. Netizens are on the fence about the sudden news, questioning if they would end up doing well. Others supported them for their bold dreams. On the other hand, Jinjeolmi once faced controversy for a makeup cover video of IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung. The video received backlash for “mocking” Wonyoung’s unique facial expressions.

  • “If you guys don’t like these two then can’t you can just not show them attention? You guys don’t like it when Wonyoung gets hate comments so what’s the reason you guys are coming here to hate on them? I don’t watch those two siblings because I don’t vibe with their energy but if you really hate them then you should just not pay attention to them.”
  • “You guys are just jealous because they can invite idols to their house to take videos, and that’s why you don’t like them.”
  • “You guys are making such a fuss. I watched their cover videos and they’re good at dancing and they always prepare good costumes. They’re hard workers.”
  • “Good luck.”

Despite netizens’ concerns, the siblings have expressed that they simply want to try everything they can, before their 20s are over. A debut is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for them for sure!

Source: theqoo
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