Netizens mock Jessica’s tears over Krystal’s letter at recent fanmeet

Recently Jessica held a fanmeet where she celebrated her birthday party along with her fans in Korea. During this event, Krystal of f(x) moved her sister to tears with a surprise letter and appearance.

The story of the two sisters and their show of affection for each other spread like wild fire among fans internationally but some netizens were unimpressed by the sisters and even left hateful comments towards them.

[+ 1070, – 260] When I see things like this I get jealous of women with sisters. They have what you can never have with just friends.

[+ 867, – 283] Don’t make me laugh ㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 830, -485] Look at the rude sisters go~~

[+ 170, – 7] I went to this birthday party and after Jessica read the letter and Krystal came they just put on a promo video for Blanc&Eclare. Her Korean fandom had kind of collapsed so the party couldn’t even fill up 700 seats. They put on the AR for ‘All of a sudden’ and asked Krystal if she could but she refused and acted all pissy

Source: My daily