Netizens Are Going Crazy Over New NCT Member Sungchan’s Handsome Looks

His visuals are being compared to some legendary SM idols😮

All 23 members of NCT are known to be handsome but one member in particular has been standing out with his incredible visuals recently.

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New member Sungchan, who just debuted this past October with the group is impressing netizens with his handsome looks! Born in 2001, he is only 19 but he is already standing at a whopping 6’1 tall. Pair his perfect height with his perfect face and you have got a perfect idol in the making.

In NCT U‘s music video for “90’s Love”, Sungchan’s visuals were hard to ignore as they took over the screen! Netizens fell in love with his good looks and it’s easy to see why. This is what they had to say about his handsome visuals.

“Wow he’s really f**king good looking and tall”, “he looks like Kim Jae Joong and Tae Yong”, “he really looks like Kim Jae Joong and Luhan” and “holy s**t”.

Not only does he have his incredibly handsome looks but he is also impressing netizens with his rapping abilities. You can hear Sungchan rap in NCT U’s new song “90’s Love”, which dropped November 23. Check out NCT U’s new song and Sungchan’s rap below!

Source: theqoo


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