Netizens Slam News Site For Claiming That Fans Called Out BLACKPINK’s Jennie For Gaining Weight

Netizens are outraged.

A capture of what appears to be a news article by Newsnack Korea started gaining attention from netizens. The original article was misleadingly captioned, “BLACKPINK Jennie’s 2021 Photo Updates Make Netizens Worry That She Gained Weight“.

| theqoo

The feature image used a photo that Jennie had uploaded in her New Year’s greeting through Instagram. Her lovable “mandu (dumpling)” cheeks are out on full display, while her body remains as slim as ever.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Fans were enraged by the article falsely claiming that netizens were worried about Jennie’s “weight gain”.

  • “Where in the world did she gain weight”
  • “The journalist created the controversy…there’s absolutely no controversy”
  • “Ok so show us the weight gain now. Where did she even gain weight”
  • “What are they saying really”
  • “What sh*t. Is it even something to worry about if she gains weight? In case it’s obesity? Health issues? Y’all are crazy really”
  • “We would be worrying if she loses weight instead. Praise her if she gains weight.”
| theqoo
  • “Isn’t that from Facebook? Originally those places create fusses out of nothing.”
  • “Ah what are they saying”
  • “If that’s gaining weight…what about me…”
  • “What sh*t are they talking”
  • “Her cheeks are abundant and her chest is large so… I’m jealous. Everywhere else is skinny.”
  • “What fat… she’s so cute”
  • “Even if she has cheeks her face is small. She only has chubby cheeks”
  • “Why would we worry even if she really did gain weight”
| theqoo

But let’s be real… What part of Jennie looks as if she’s gained some extra pounds?

And most importantly—and quite honestly, the only part that matters—who cares if Jennie gains or loses weight? She’s a healthy, glowing, beautiful queen who looks stunning no matter what!

Source: theqoo