Netizens Notice That Korean Comedian Lee Se Young Looks Very Different In Her Latest Post

“Did you get eyelid surgery??”

Comedian Lee Se Young recently shared an update on her social media, revealing a new look.

Lee Se Young | @seyoung_1408/Instagram

On August 29, Lee Se Young posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Editing! Uploading soon.”

The photo she uploaded was a selfie of herself, which was nothing out of the ordinary. However, netizens noticed that she had a different look than before, especially her double eyelids, which appeared to be swollen.


Although comments on her post were limited, some fans and netizens commented on her new look, calling her pretty and asking her where she got her eyes and nose done.

  • “Can you share the hospital info for your eyes and nose ㅠㅠ Can you send me a DM?”
  • “Cute~”
  • “Wow~~~~❤️ Big-eyed Se Young~~👏👏👏”
  • “So pretty❤️”
  • “Your second eye surgery is so much better~^^”
  • “Unnie, I think your eyes got bigger! Did you get eyelid surgery??”
  • “👏👏👏”
  • “You’re getting prettier hehe😍😍😍”
  • “Unnie, you’re so pretty❤️❤️”
  • “You’re so pretty”
  • “Wow, unnie, you’re so pretty today! My eyes got big when I looked at your picture😀”

Lee Se Young debuted in 2011 as a comedian and has been active in various programs, such as SNL Korea.

| E Daily

Since 2019, she has been publicly dating her younger Korean-Japanese boyfriend, and they run a YouTube channel together. The last video she uploaded was over a year ago, and many were curious about her whereabouts. Her new social media post let fans know that a new video was coming soon.


Lee Se Young has been open about getting plastic surgery on her eyes and nose. She shared her recovery process of getting her surgeries with her audience.

| 영평티비 YPTV/YouTube

In 2021, Lee Se Young announced on her YouTube channel that she got plastic surgery after receiving hurtful comments about her appearance.

It was due to my complex. Ever since I was 20, I have always wanted to get double eyelid surgery but due to my career, I never got to. Then at 32 years old, I made the big decision to do it. I think I’m over my complex now.

— Lee Se Young in 2021

Source: Wikitree and @seyoung_1408/Instagram