Comedian Lee Se Young Reveals Her New Face After Getting Surgery Due To Hate Comments

She seems so happy!

Comedian Lee Se Young is back with a new video for her YouTube channel and this time, it’s with her brand new face!

The highly anticipated video of Lee See Young revealing her new double eyelids has officially debuted. On her YouTube channel YPTV, the comedian sat down to film a Q&A regarding her plastic surgery experience. The video has only been out for one day and it has already passed the 1 million view mark. The first question Lee Se Young answered was, “what surgery did you do?”

 As you guys can all see, I got double eyelid surgery. I also got eye correction surgery, epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. I got everything you could for your eyes.

— Lee Se Young

She continues on with her video by answering the reason why she decided to get plastic surgery.

It was due to my complex. Ever since I was 20, I have always wanted to get double eyelid surgery but due to my career, I never got to. Then at 32 years old, I made the big decision to do it. I think I’m over my complex now.

— Lee Se Young

Many viewers were curious about which hospital the comedian went to and how much she paid. Lee Se Young revealed, however, that she was legally not allowed to answer those questions.

Unfortunately, due to legal reasons I am not allowed to answer that question. I really want to give you all a hint though. I paid as much as everyone else does for these surgeries.

— Lee Se Young


When a viewer asked if the procedures hurt at all, this is what she responded.

Right after the procedure was done, I opened my eyes and it didn’t hurt. However, my eyes felt very heavy. It felt like someone put some heavy rocks over my eyes.  I had that feeling but as for aching pain, I didn’t really have much.

— Lee Se Young

She also took some time to share her pointers and things to note about the surgery. In particular, she talked about what she did after her surgery to reduce her swelling. She first talks about the position she chose to sleep in.

They say it’s important to keep scars that bleed over your heart and since it’s technically a scar, that’s what I did. I heard that the swelling goes down if you keep it above your heart so I decided to sleep while sitting upright. I bought this ‘sleep while you sit’ pillow with a coupon.

— Lee Se Young

She also shared her other little tricks that she personally used to reduce the swelling quickly.

The day of my procedure, after everything was finished, I went for a walk to reduce swelling. I don’t have much swelling and it went away quickly in my case. Going on walks and pumpkin juice.

— Lee Se Young

We’ve said this before but we’ll say it again, Lee Se Young is beautiful with or without double eyelids. If you want to check out the entire Q&A video, you can watch it down below!


Source: Chosun