Netizens Outraged At A Dangerous New Korean TikTok Trend

“It’s arson, isn’t it?”

Social media has been facing greater criticism ever since TikTok came out. The short-form video platform resulted in many “challenges” being trended, with hundreds of thousands of people participating in them. Some are harmless challenges, such as dance or song. Others take things a step further and could be even classified as dangerous.

One such trend is the recent “snow spray” trend in Korea. Snow spray is kept in aerosol cans and is actually highly flammable. The TikTok trend seems innocuous at first. People have been drawing shapes using snow spray before setting them on fire. The initial trend started off with a flaming heart.

The trend has hit around 5.2 million views so far.

Here is the original trending clip.

Kids have been copying the trend as snow spray goes for cheap.

In a heart or circle, the flames are contained enough. However, as more variations turned up, things got dangerous.

One even tried an “exploding” snow flame.

Many of these videos are filmed on concrete around the base of apartment blocks. If things go wrong, a building could easily catch on fire. The dangerous trend began to anger many people online.

Netizen reactions to the trend. | theqoo
  • “Really… I think social media is so harmful… Are people who use social media becoming dumber?”
  • “I saw kids try this out at the Han river and seems like they were really crazy kids.”
  • “The weather has been dry recently so fires have been popping up already. This looks too dangerous.”
  • “Are they arsonists…?”
  • “I went to Oido yesterday and kids were doing that at night.”
  • “I didn’t like TikTok to begin with but I don’t like it even more now.”

Netizens are rightfully concerned about this trend. In fact, a man once got into an accident when his friends sprayed him with fake snow for his birthday. The flame from the candle was caught in the spray and caused a flare up.

Source: theqoo
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