Netizens Outraged As Video Of NCT’s Jaemin Getting Mobbed On A Private Schedule Goes Viral

“He doesn’t even have any bodyguards with him, have some shame.”

NCT‘s Jaemin goes viral after his privacy was invaded during a private schedule, and netizens are raising strong concerns regarding the matter.

NCT’s Jaemin

Maintaining privacy is something that most idols often struggle with. It’s an issue that both they and many fans have always been vocal about. Yet, despite the repeated requests for idols’ privacy to be respected, many of them have often found themselves in uncomfortable, if not dangerous, situations.

In December 2022, for example, Jaemin himself took to Dear U. Bubble to scold fans who had mobbed NCT DREAM at the airport. He addressed the issue directly, specifically calling out fans who had failed to respect the members’ space.

Can we PLEASE be orderly at the airport? I don’t get why it keeps getting worse…(Oh, and if this message doesn’t apply to you, you can skip it.)

— Jaemin

Many NCTzens praised him for his frankness in handling the issue.

But despite that, his privacy and personal space were again completely invaded as he arrived in Thailand on January 11—this time on a private schedule.

Due to the personal nature of his activity, Jaemin traveled unaccompanied by either staff members or security guards. While his departure from South Korea went mostly unnoticed, Jaemin was completely swarmed by fans upon his arrival in Thailand, as evidenced by a now-viral video filmed by a non-fan who was at the airport.

NCTzens online were outraged…

…especially since Jaemin had already been vocal about the issue recently.

While crowds of fans can be expected on official schedules, fans are hoping that Jaemin and other idols’ privacy can be respected when it comes to personal activities.

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NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Scolds Fans Who Mobbed The Group At The Airport