Netizens React To Park Tae Joon’s Promise To Continue Working Despite His COVID-19 Diagnosis

“I’ll still meet my deadlines even if it kills me.” — Park Tae Joon

Former Ulzzang Generation cast member and current webtoon author, Park Tae Joon was recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

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And following an update on his condition, Park Tae Joon promised to continue working on his webtoons despite his illness.

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Park Tae Joon shared that he’s suffering from a fever, cough, muscle aches, and dizziness, but he still promised his loyal readers that he will continue to update his work with new episodes.

I’ll still meet my deadlines even if it kills me.

— Park Tae Joon

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And his loyalty to readers has netizens showering the webtoon author with support.

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| @parktaejoon/Facebook

Park Tae Joon is currently working on Lookism, Life Or Death, and How To Fight on Naver Webtoon.

Naver Webtoon “Lookism”

Here’s wishing Park Tae Joon a speedy recovery.

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