Netizens Praise IVE’s Leeseo For Her Quick Thinking And On-Stage Professionalism Despite Being A Rookie

“She’s a genius idol.”

Starship Entertainment‘s newest girl group IVE debuted less than a week ago and they’re already receiving praise left and right. Many netizens noticed that the girls seemed unlike rookies at all, due to their incredible on-stage presence and charisma.

Girl group, IVE.

And while the girls showed off their professionalism all weekend long on their various debut stages, one moment in particular is making headlines all over the nation for the actual on-stage professionalism that took place by member Leeseo.

IVE member Leeseo | Starship Entertainment

On December 4, the IVE members hit the stage for MBC‘s Show! Music Core, where they showed off their debut stage for “Eleven.” As they dazzled their way around the stage, one of Jang Won Young‘s earrings fell off during the performance.

In the slo-mo video provided by Twitter user @loxelyliz, the earring can be seen falling on the floor as the IVE members continued to perform their cool floor choreography.

Jang Won Young’s earring falling onto the floor | MBC

In Leeseo’s individual fancam provided by MBC, viewers can see the IVE member performing the floor choreography with the rest of her members as Jang Won Young sings her part.

After the earring falls off from Jang Won Young, Leeseo can be seen getting up from the choreography. However, as soon as she got herself into a sitting position, the maknae of the girl group noticed the earring right away—and scooped it up in one smooth movement.

Leeseo then continued to just perform the rest of the song as if nothing happened!

Netizens who saw the clip immediately began to praise the young rookie, with comments such as “she probably didn’t even see it fall because she was laying down, but her quick wit is impressive”“she’s a genius idol”“wow, she really seems like a true professional” and more took over.

Leeseo on “Show! Music Core” | MBC

And all the praise is well-deserved! Leeseo managed to show off her impressive quick thinking and on-stage professionalism not just as a rookie girl group member, but also as a young 14-year-old teenager.

Source: WikiTree