Netizens Urge JYP Entertainment To Protect Stray Kids’ Felix After Alarming Death Threats

The threats have become more prominent ahead of the group’s China fansign event!

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

A previous version stated that the account was portraying itself as a Hyunjin stan, but that has been proven incorrect and has been corrected and removed from the article.

STAYs have urged JYP Entertainment to protect Stray KidsFelix after the idol received alarming death threats ahead of a scheduled event in China.

Stray Kids’ Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

For many K-Pop fans, Felix is one of the most wholesome idols in the industry. Whether he is showcasing his fierce side during performances or sharing his softer side with fans, the idol never stops making fans feel special.

Felix always makes a huge impact on the stage
He also reassures fans with comforting words | Stray Kids/VLIVE 

Of course, like all K-Pop idols, Felix’s fame and popularity will always have downsides. Netizens have raised concerns after posts shared on Weibo gained attention where the user has sent malicious messages with threats towards Felix.

In the posts, the user claimed they bought a laser pen with the intention of using it to harm Felix. Although they seem harmless, laser pens are known to cause extreme damage to people.

| @FLX_Protect/Twitter
| @FLX_Protect/Twitter

The user then revealed more graphic threats that unsurprisingly worried fans.

| @FLX_Protect/Twitter
| @FLX_Protect/Twitter

Many also shared that the same account has also been sharing misinformation about member Hyunjin, with many worried for his safety and wellbeing.

Although it isn’t uncommon for idols to receive threats, many fans have shared their concerns as Stray Kids are set to travel to China for a fansign event.

With many of the posts tagging the event, STAYs are rightly worried that the OP might attend the event and fulfill their promise to hurt Felix.

When the images were shared online, netizens demanded protection for the young idol. Over the past few days, fans have noticed the number of interactions with the post growing at an alarming rate.

While it’s not uncommon for idols to receive threats, netizens believe that companies take them too lightly and want JYP to take action. The fansign event with China is getting nearer, and many worry that this one user might be serious and could try and hurt Felix and the other members.

It seems as the event gets closer, the user is posting more alarmingly dangerous threats toward the idol. K-Pop companies have a duty to protect their artists, and many netizens hope JYP Entertainment will look into the user to ensure Felix and the rest of the members’ protection.

Stray Kids

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