Netizens Can’t Help But Be Proud Of BTS’s Jungkook And All That He’s Accomplished At His Young Age

All this and he’s only 24😱

BTS just broke the internet, yet again, for being nominated for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards! Fans and netizens alike are commending the boy group for this incredible accomplishment. However, there is one member in particular who is garnering more attention than the others; the golden maknae, Jungkook.

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The boy group has been breaking record after record, not just in South Korea but globally and ARMYs all over the world are proud of them. However, fans are realizing that the maknae of the group is breaking these records at his impressively young age of 24 (Korean age).

In the tweet above, a fan highlights all the accomplishments made by Jungkook at his crazy young age. Let’s take a look and see all the things that the golden maknae of the group has achieved and at what age he achieved them. (The ages reflect his Korean age).

17 years old, Rookie Award

18 years old, World Rookie Award

19 years old, First 1st Place Award

20 years old, First Daesang Award

21 years old, Billboard Awards + AMA Performance

22 years old, Speech at the UN General Assembly + Order Of Cultural Merit Award

23 years old, GRAMMY’s Initiation

24 years old, Billboard ‘Hot 100’ 1st Place + GRAMMY’s nomination

— @1GUGU7_ Twitter

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That is a seriously impressive list of accomplishments, young or not! Naturally, netizens couldn’t help themselves but feel extra proud of the BTS member and they showcased it by pouring out their congratulations. Here’s what they had to say:

| theqoo
  • “Our dear Jungkook, congrats”
  • “Even if it’s not because he’s the youngest, the list is still impressive”
  • “Even after all that, he’s only 24 I’m so jealous”
  • “After 10 years since his debut, he’ll still only be in his 20’s”
  • “The craziest part is that he’s still only 24”
  • “Even if you take out the part about him being the youngest, it’s still crazy stuff”
  • “Wow his life must be exciting”
  • “Jungkook’s life though”
  • “BTS themselves are on a different level…”
  • “Dang…only 24”
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We couldn’t be more excited for Jungkook and the rest of the BTS members for all their impressive achievements. It’s truly well deserved. Congratulations to the boys and their GRAMMY nomination!

Source: theqoo and Hankyung