Netizens Are Raging At The Ultimate Dilemma That Was Raised On A Recent Episode Of “Running Man”

If you HAD to choose between the two…

On a recent episode of SBS‘s Running Man, the cast played a balance game where they were made to choose between two difficult scenarios.

And Yang Se Chan was given an ultimate dilemma that has netizens just furious just at the thought of it.

He was made to choose between “dating someone who goes on an overnight trip with a guy friend” and “dating someone who drinks all night with an ex-boyfriend“.

As soon as the members heard the choices, they raged.

They’re both the worst!

— Cast

While Kim Jong Kook expressed that something could happen with the ex-boyfriend, Yang Se Chan added that something could happen with the guy friend as well.

In the end, Yang Se Chan went with the latter as the option he hates more, which was dating someone who drinks all night with an ex-boyfriend.

But netizens are raging just as much as the members did over the two dreadful choices.

  • Wow, I hate both choices so much.
  • Can I swear?
  • An overnight trip? You’re kidding, right???
  • The second option is slightly less horrible.
  • Just the thought of it makes me want to punch a wall.

Which one would you choose?

Source: The Qoo

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