Netizens Raise Concerns With JYP Entertainment After An Artist Allegedly Plagiarizes Stray Kids And Releases A “Diss Track” About Them

“JYP protect your artists.”

Fans of Stray Kids are raising some concerns after an artist allegedly plagiarized one of the group’s songs before proceeding to “diss” both the group and fans after being called out.

Stray Kids are set to make their comeback on October 7 with the new album MAXIDENT.

“MAXIDENT” promotional image | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The comeback is being highly anticipated by STAYs, who are excited to hear more from Stray Kids’ powerhouse production team 3RACHA. The team consists of leader Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, and they are responsible for many of Stray Kids’ most iconic hits.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Yet, amidst the excitment, fans are upset after finding out that artist Meng Zi Kun allegedly plagiarized Stray Kids’ song “Sorry, I Love You” from the group’s 2021 album NOEASY.

STAYs naturally called on JYP Entertainment to take action.

But when they called out the artist himself, he reportedly reacted by making derogatory comments about fans…

…and by releasing a “diss track” targeting Stray Kids.

| @Stay_03250801/Twitter

Not only that, they also claim that this is not the first time that this artist has committed plagiarism. According to some fans, he has also plagiarized BLACKPINK‘s “Pretty Savage” in the past.

Consequently, concerned fans everywhere flooded the comments asking JYP Entertainment to step in and protect the group and to take legal action against plagiarism.

Some STAYs pointed out that this is not the first time Stray Kids are plagiarized this year, leading some to doubt whether the company really will take action or not.

It remains to be seen how JYP Entertainment will react, especially with the release of MAXIDENT coming up. But for now, some fans are also expressing amusement at the situation, especially since it only proves how much of an icon Stray Kids really is.

Watch Stray Kids perform “Sorry, I Love You” on the link below!

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