Netizens Rally In Support Of Red Velvet’s Joy After Her Private Instagram Account Was Allegedly Hacked

“Respect her privacy!”

The private Instagram account of Red Velvet‘s Joy was allegedly hacked and her private images leaked to online communities.

It is unclear who the hacker is or what their motivation was, but on December 15 Joy’s private pictures were posted to a Facebook page for netizens to see, including pictures with her boyfriend, soloist Crush. Many people rightfully defended Joy’s privacy and called for the post to be deleted.

The post revealed a selfie of Joy with Crush, as well as a picture of their hands making a hand heart together in front of their drinks. Images posted to other online communities also revealed that Joy not only follows some of her fan accounts, but that she even posted appreciative pictures of gifts she received from fans. Out of respect for Joy’s privacy, the pictures will not be made available here.

This incident has led many fans to praise Joy for her simplicity and her sweet disposition—despite the terrible circumstances under which fans have found out about it. One fan said, “I’m sure Joy feels taken aback at her private account being hacked and leaked everywhere… but I have to say, it’s difficult for an idol’s private account to be as clean as hers was, so it’s quite amazing of her…” While another fan commented, “Our Doongie’s private account is so clean ㅠㅠㅠ and it’s so cute how she was following so many people ㅋㅋ.”

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

But the fact remains that her privacy was violated. While it’s a relief that Joy’s private content did not lead to any major controversy (in fact, it’s encouraging to see how nice she seems!), netizens continue to rally in defense of Joy, urging others to respect her privacy and avoid posting or sharing the leaked pictures.

This is not the first time an idol’s account is hacked—fellow SM Entertainment artist, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, had to repeatedly ask for hackers to stop trying to hack his account on Instagram. Similarly, both iKON and BTS had their TikTok accounts hacked in early 2021. The difference, however, is that those were official accounts, whereas Joy’s was her personal, private account. Hopefully this is the last time it happens, but in the meantime fans can continue to support Joy and her right to privacy!

Source: Netizen Buzz

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