Netizens Celebrate BTS Jin’s Latest Endorsement Deal And Becoming The Model For Jin Ramen

Fans are giving their full support to this union!

BTS‘s Jin is the new ambassador for beloved instant noodle brand Jin Ramen! This is according to news reports on November 8, which reported that the BTS superstar would be spearheading the instant noodle’s CF campaigns.

The parent company of Jin Ramen, food conglomerate Ottogi, broke the news to fans via an Instagram post. In the post, Ottogi teased the upcoming collaboration in a clip in which the noodle brand’s trademark red package for its spicy noodles is seen combined with its milder noodle’s blue package to create purple.

Do you like Jin Ramen?💙+❤ = 💜 Jin Ramen is always sincere when it comes to taste. Coming soon on November 11!

— @ottogi_daily

Fans of BTS may recall that Jin had previously, on multiple occasions, stated that he’d like to become the model for Jin Ramen. Amid the grand reception of the idol’s solo effort, “The Astronaut,” it seems Jin’s wish has come true!

My wish after debuting was to become a model for Jin Ramen…

— Jin on October 25, 2022

Twitter user @jjungkook_mona4 uploaded a clip from 2016, in which the idol expresses his wish to be the ramen brand’s model in a livestream.

No way, Jin said he’d become a model in a livestream on July 13, 2016.

— @jjungkook_mona4

In the clip shared, Jin can be seen stating his desire to become a model for the brand.

  • Jin: I’m really happy that I brought the noodles that have my name on them. One day I’m going to be a model for it.
  • Jungkook: Are you sure?
  • Jin: I’m not sure, LOL. But it’s my dream.
  • Jimin: Are you watching Jin’s ramen?
  • Jin: Are you watching? The brand that comes back up whenever it falls?

Netizens celebrated the union between Jin and Jin Ramen, with many stating they would do their part to make sure that the pair would succeed.

  • “I bet the purple version is going to taste great. Jin Ramen, hurry up with the release.”
  • “Isn’t it weird that this didn’t happen sooner? Although it’s a bit late, I’m still glad to see it happen. I like the mild Jin Ramen, and I am excited about it.”
  • “I’m craving Jin Ramen.”
  • “Wow!”
  • “I’m glad that he’s Ottogi’s model.”
  • “Jin Ramen, LOL. How crazy! This is for real.”

Jin Ramen has long been considered one of Korea’s most beloved noodles. Whether BTS’s Jin will be able to push sales above those of long-time  rival Nongshim‘s Shin Ramen, only time will tell.


Source: theqoo and Nate Pann


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