Netizens React To ILLIT’s First Encore Live Singing

Here’s how they did.

Girl group ILLIT has just made their debut, but they are already chart-toppers! The girl group won first place on The Show‘s episode dated April 2, 2024. Pit against rookie debuts UNIS and Young Posse, they won thanks to an overwhelmingly high streak for streams and album sales.

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The girls were not spared from the encore performance. The encore stage is important as many netizens use it to gauge a group’s true live singing skills. Encore stages are done without backing tracks, unlike music show performances which are often pre-recorded in studios, leaving in breathing noises and more to give off a “live” feel.

The girls did fairly well, although they did not execute the choreography while singing. Netizens were pleased with their skills. They especially pointed out Minju for her vocal tone and stable singing.

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Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • “They’re better than that four-character group anyway LOL.”
  • “I can only pay attention to how the girl on the end has her hair tied on only one side.”
  • “The girl in the member is really good. Her vocal color reminds me a little of BOL4, so I wondered if she could pull it off live LOL.”
  • “The one in the middle is the prettiest and also sings the best.”
  • “The girl in the middle has the best visuals and is good at singing too.”
  • Moka‘s kind of concerning… It’s because she’s nervous, right? Minju did better than expected, and her vocal color is good too.”
  • “Apart from Moka, everyone else is fine. Moka’s [skills are] already pretty obvious in the original track… She’s good at performing apart from singing though… Minju has been good since R U Next? so I’m at peace listening to her.”

Congratulations to the girls on the win!

Source: theqoo


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