Netizens React To Lee Da In’s Mother’s Plea For Forgiveness

“This will end once you recompensate all the victims and receive their forgiveness.”

Netizens reacted to Lee Da In‘s mother’s interview in which she pleaded with the public for forgiveness.

Kyeon Mi Ri | Money Today

On February 17, actress Kyeon Mi Ri who is the mother of Lee Da In, was interviewed by the media outlet The Fact. In the article, the actress stated that she wanted to clear the “misunderstandings” surrounding the actress’s husband, who is a twice-convicted criminal, and her family.

I admit there were causes for misunderstandings, but the truth has been distorted. As I saw that outlandish stories had convoluted the truth, I mustered the courage to ask everyone for forgiveness.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

In the interview, the actress stated claimed that she and her family did not benefit from her husband’s past crimes and stated that her husband hadn’t helped the family financially at all.

It’s alleged that he made money through submitting false disclosures, but that money belonged to the business and not 1 KRW was used personally. This was explained during the trial.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

The actress also stated it broke her heart that netizens’ negative sentiments toward the family had spilled over to Lee Seung Gi after he revealed that he would be marrying Lee Da In.

I didn’t know that my bad image would last this long. Although my daughters and I are able to withstand anything within our confines, it breaks my heart that it affects Lee Seung Gi, and I am so apologetic for that. I want to tell the truth and ask for forgiveness.

— Kyeon Mi Ri

Previously, on February 7, Lee Seung Gi revealed he would be marrying his girlfriend, Lee Da In. Despite the actor’s wishes for fans to congratulate them, fans and netizens alike criticized the actor for marrying into a “criminal” family.

Lee Seung Gi Announces His Marriage To Lee Da In But Many Are Not Happy

The actress’s plea didn’t move netizens, and many criticized her for continuously denying that her family had benefitted from her husband’s crimes. Netizens went as far as criticizing broadcast companies for giving the family’s actors drama roles.

  • “I’m not sure if she clarified anything.”
  • “She has no shame… They shouldn’t play victim and instead should lower their heads to the victims. It’s not surprising seeing how shameless she is.”
  • “She should ask the victims (of her husband) for forgiveness with money.”
  • “WTF is she saying? I hope everyone connected to her family gets f@cking ruined financially.”
  • “The broadcast stations that employ them are also part of the problem.”
  • “Why are these broadcast fools keep using them? I don’t want to see them in the media anymore, please.”
  • “This will end once you recompensate all the victims and receive their forgiveness. But is that possible? The same goes for Lee Seung Gi.”
  • “I feel bad for the victims.”

Previously, Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband was convicted of stock market manipulation in 2011 and was sentenced to three years in prison. In 2016, he was once again convicted of stock manipulation and was sentenced to four years in prison, and was ordered to pay ₩2.50 billion KRW (about $1.94 million USD). Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband, however, was able to reverse his sentence and is currently awaiting the final verdict.

Source: theqoo
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