Netizens React To NewJeans’s “Ditto”

NewJeans released “Ditto” on December 19.

Netizens are raving about NewJeans‘s new single “Ditto.”

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On December 19, K-Pop’s hottest rookie sensation, NewJeans’ dropped their comeback single “Ditto” alongside its music video.

The song is a hauntingly beautiful lofi-r&b track with melancholic synths and nostalgia-inducing chords juxtaposed by upbeat 808 drums.

Immediately after the song’s release, “Ditto” shot to the top spot on most of the domestic charts, proving that NewJeans is definitely here to stay.

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Netizens were also thrilled by the music video. The music video compliments the nostalgia in the song perfectly and harks back to K-Pop’s yesteryears when the genre was heavily influenced by R&B’s New Jack Swing and House Music’s 808 patterns.

Fans expressed their love for both the song and the music video.

  • “(The song) is warm but sad at the same time.”
  • “The song is good… Although when I think of ‘Ditto’ I think of Ditto the movie first, LOL.”
  • “The song is bursting with the FEELS. The song is so good.”
  • “I’m getting tears ㅠㅠ. The song is so good ㅠㅠ.”
  • “The song and music video quality is crazy.”
  • “Ah the song is so good!”
  • “Wow, the song is shockingly good.”
  • “The song is so good.”
  • “It’s so pretty.”
  • “The song feels like an oldie but it’s still modern. Anyways it’s good.”
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