Netizens Criticize NewJeans’ Phoning App For Being Special Treatment

Why make something new when they have Weverse?

In the midst of the ADOR and HYBE feud, netizens are also criticizing the fan community platform Phoning, which was created especially for NewJeans. The app received a negative response from the beginning, stating that it was blatantly special treatment for the group.

| Phoning

Fans who subscribed to the app had issues with only being able to comment under the original post. They felt that it would’ve been more effective if fans were able to interact with each other as well.

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But, they were the most bothered by the fact that they had to use a separate app to communicate with the girls.

| theqoo
| theqoo
  • “There was a lot of talk about them receiving special treatment by making this app even though there was Weverse. It was ridiculous for the people who had to make the app, too.”
  • “When I saw that Phoning was able to get away with being separate from Weverse, I thought Min Hee Jin’s greed was on another level…but seeing that HYBE just let it go…no wonder…”
  • “I totally agree! They used them whenever they needed help in the business and administrative department, and yet they say they didn’t receive any help. I can think of at least ten more additional questions to ask about this.”
  • “I get mad just thinking about Phoning again.”

Netizens agreed that the Phoning app was the start of special treatment.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “They received all types of special treatment.”
  • “HYBE wasn’t able to control everything…other labels would have been furious if they had gone this far.”
  • “They need to get rid of Phoning. It was strange that they made this even through there was Weverse.”
  • “I thought other groups would join Phoning too…”
  • “The design sucks..looks like some outdated chat room.”
  • “Aside from the design aspect, the app itself is so uncomfortable to use. Weversse is so much better. I feel bad for those that worked hard to make Phoning.”
  • “I hate the y2k style so I didn’t like the app from the beginning.”
  • “They had special treatment alright.”
  • “Anyone would have thought, ‘Why make something new when there’s Weverse?’”
  • “Lololol how could they make that when there’s Weverse.”
  • “Making it so that she can make a run for it whenever she can.”
  • “This app itself is special treatment. They were making boundaries with HYBE.”
  • “Why are they acting like they are so special? Using developers to make something new when there’s Weverse.”
  • “Why is HYBE suffering because of this.”
  • “Bang PD needs to speak up more and stop this nonsense.”
  • “Design aspect aside, this can only be seen as special treatment, and it was from the start.”

What do you think about this? Was Phoning the start of special treatment for the group?

Source: theqoo


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