Netizens React To Dancer Noze Allegedly Discriminating Against Smaller Brands

“I guess the taste of money changes you in an instant…”

Previously, media outlet Wikitree released an exclusive report in which it alleged dancer Noze for discriminating against smaller brands.

Noze for Dior | @nozeworld/Instagram

According to the report, it costs between  ₩30.0 million KRW (about $23,200 USD) and ₩50.0 million KRW (about $38,600 USD) to sponsor a post on the dancer’s Instagram page. The pictures would be posted within 3-6 months.

Unfortunately for smaller brands, despite receiving the money, Noze seldom uploaded on the requested dates.

We asked Noze’s representatives to upload the pictures, but the posting was delayed. It wasn’t after several lengthy messages that the picture was uploaded. It was months after the requested date.

— Small Brand A

To add injury to insult, Noze would delete the pictures not long after posting them.

After a short while, the picture was deleted.

— Small Brand A

Other smaller brands lamented Noze’s tendency to delay uploading sponsored posts and then delete them soon after she does.

Our sponsored picture is no longer on Noze’s social media platforms. She deleted all of them. We spent thousands of dollars per post, but they were not uploaded on the requested date. Noze’s representatives said it was due to her personal reasons. It is frustrating as we can’t keep waiting.

— Small Brand B

The delay and subsequential deletion of the pictures affected brands’ marketing strategies.

We were going to launch our seasonal collection with the posting. However, due to Noze’s condition, the pictures weren’t uploaded. The pictures were uploaded after the season was over. We had to beg Noze’s representatives throughout the process.

— Small Brand C

The dancer’s agency, Starting House, confirmed with Wikitree that the allegations were true but stated that the pictures were uploaded within the given timeline, and thus there weren’t any issues.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue now. Netizens took exception to the artist and the agency’s handling of the controversy.

Especially as the Wikitree report points out, still on Noze’s Instagram are sponsored posts from larger luxury brands that were first posted months ago.

Noze for Gucci uploaded on March 3, 2022 | @nozeworld/Instagram
Noze for Fendi uploaded on February 22, 2022 | @nozeworld/Instagram

Netizens are criticizing the dancer for discriminating against smaller domestic brands. A viral post on an online community titled “Noze Advertising Controversy” has been viewed over 200K times.

In the post, netizens gathered to express their disappointment in Noze.

  • “Fact: The contract was for 1-3 months, so Noze would delay posting it until the third month and delete it as soon as the third month was up.”
  • “Rather than focus on her dancing, she’s starting NFTs and advertising for luxury brands lol. What does her condition have anything to do with uploading the pictures? Lol, What has she done as a dancer after Street Woman Fighter? Honestly, is she as accomplished as the other dancers? She’s no longer a dancer. She’s just an influencer who thinks she is a celebrity. Has she always been this way?”
  • “Remember Rozalin also had a controversy over sponsored Instagram posts? The two were close even before the show. That is why they say you are who your friends are.”
  • “Wow, I’m no longer a fan… I guess the taste of money changes you in an instant.”
  • “Deleting sponsored posts from smaller brands but keeping the posts from luxury brands is so shady, LOL.”
  • “As someone in the marketing industry, this makes me so mad. It would have been so difficult to get approval to spend the money to sponsor a post on Noze’s Instagram. A more junior worker would have worked on it ㅠㅠ. Can you imagine how much she would have suffered at work because Noze wouldn’t upload the picture? Also, usually, when they negotiate a contract, they list the time frame for the sponsored post. It seems Noze uploaded the posts at nearly the end of the date and then deleted it once past the time frame.”
  • “She’s trash for deleting the pictures. You got paid. What are you doing?”

Noze was relatively unknown to the general public but received massive popularity after her appearance on Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter. Since the show, the dancer has become a household name in Korea.


Source: Nate Pann