Netizens react to Park Hae Jin’s confirmation as lead male role for popular Korean webtoon “Cheese In the Trap”

Actor Park Hae Jin has just been confirmed for the role of Yoo Jung in the popular Korean webtoon, Cheese In The Trap, which will be turned into a drama series!

On May 20th, publishing agency 8 Weeks revealed the first confirmed celebrity casting for their online cartoon series Cheese In The Trap, announcing that actor Park Hae Jin will be taking on the role of the male lead named Yoo Jung.

During an online poll amongst netizens regarding which actors and actresses would best fit the Cheese In The Trap characters, Park Hae Jin came into first place for the role of Yoo Jung due to his striking similarity in appearance with the character.

8 Weeks stated, “From the very beginning we thought that Park Hae Jin was the perfect actor for Yoo Jung’s role and, after multiple love calls and attempts of trying to recruit him, we were finally able to cast him. We are very thankful that he decided to take the offer. Park Hae Jin has already been preparing himself with the utmost effort for Yoo Jung’s role and we plan on meeting up with him often to create a drama filled with positive synergy.

Cheese In The Trap is one of the most popular 2010 Korean webtoon series that is currently still being published weekly online on the portal site Naver. The webtoon’s plotline develops around a hardworking university student named Hong Seol, who later gets tangled up in a love-and-hate series of events with the classmates around her, including Yoo Jung.

Yoo Jung, the character Park Hae Jin will be taking after, is an all-around perfect university student with perfect grades, looks, fashion sense, wealth, and even personality.

Upon hearing this casting news, netizens have become overpowered with excitement to see such a “perfect casting” of their favorite webtoon. Park Hae Jin is even currently trending on Korean portal sites such as Naver and Nate, and even on Twitter‘s Worldwide Trending list.

Twitter's Worldwide Trending list with Park Hae Jin (very bottom).
Twitter’s Worldwide Trending list with Park Hae Jin (very bottom).

1. [+1198, – 29] Casting is perfect ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ve never seen an actor and character sync so well ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

2. [+ 965, – 21] Kyah…such a good choice I wonder who the actress is going to be…

3. [+ 984, – 17] I wonder who Hong Sul, Baek In Ho, and Baek In Ha will be? Please don’t use idols, Park Hae Jin is perfect. Even if you do use idols use someone that can act please.

Source: Channel A and Newsen