Netizens React To Rumors Alleging Former NMIXX Member Jinni Has Signed With THE BLACK LABEL

“It would be crazy if it’s true!”

Netizens reacted to the prospect of former NMIXX member Jinni joining THE BLACK LABEL.

Jinni | @jinni_.nmixx/Instagram

Recently, fans were surprised to see former NMIXX member had opened up her own personal Instagram. The former NMIXX member now has her own profile on the platform with the username @jiniyxxn. She has accumulated over 1 million followers within just a few days.

The idol posted several photos of herself in her first post. The pictures show Jinni is as beautiful as ever.

| @jiniyxxn/Instagram
| @jiniyxxn/Instagram
| @jiniyxxn/Instagram
| @jiniyxxn/Instagram

Not long after the idol’s account was created, rumors started swirling alleging the idol has signed with THE BLACK LABEL.

Fans Find Clues That Former NMIXX’s Jinni May Be Joining YG’s THE BLACK LABEL

The rumors stem from the fact that someone affiliated with THEBLACKLABEL was following Jinni, as well as some other compelling circumstantial evidence. According to the rumors, Jinni is alleged to have joined the label to be part of its highly anticipated upcoming girl group.

Netizens reacted to the exciting possibility that Jinni may have joined THEBLACKLABEL. While there were some who weren’t completely sold by the idea, many reacted positively to the prospect.

  • “To be honest, I wanted her to go to YG Entertainment, so I was disappointed when she wasn’t included in BABYMONSTER, but she’s going to THE BLACK LABEL? It would be crazy if it’s true!”
  • “Why are you guys keep saying she left (NMIXX) because she did something wrong? If she did something wrong, do you think THE BLACK LABEL would accept her? It doesn’t make f@cking sense.”
  • “But if she was going to THE BLACK LABEL to join a group, would she have made an Instagram? I think if (she was joining a group), she wouldn’t have made one.”
  • “NMIXX without Jinni is so sad. I loved Jinni’s part when the songs changed up, and so I would listen to it a lot.”
  • “I’m not sure if it’s true, but I wish it was… She matches them well.”
  • “But I really wonder why she left NMIXX… I am so curious. I wish she’d at least hint at it later.”
  • “I think her leaving the group has nothing to do with her joining THE BLACK LABEL. If anything, I think the label took her after she had already left the group.”

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